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We have expanded our Adult Drama department with a fascinating range of new courses designed to intrigue, excite and develop life and career skills.

George Jennings

Voice & Verse

18+, Mondays 19.00 - 20.30

9th September - 2nd December (12 weeks, £144) Discover your true voice with these ground-breaking classes at the Conservatoire. We'll examine how we breathe and how we speak, establish the basics of articulation and vocal resonance, utilise classical verse as a gateway into expressing structured thought, and explore dynamics of spatial awareness leading to a greater sense of physical presence. Tidal breath, signature voice, vowels, consonants, plosives and continuants: from everyday conversation to weekly work presentations, speaking will never be the same again.

Tutor: George Jennings

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Simon Geal

Adult Drama

18+, Tuesdays 19.30 - 21.30

10th September - 3rd December (12 weeks, £162) Improve your confidence, self-expression and performance, culminating in an end of term production in a working theatre. Open to adult students of all ages and levels, the course allows you to get back into theatre as we use great play texts to train together in different acting techniques, from comedy and melodrama, to naturalism and epic theatre.

Tutor: Simon Geal

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English Speaking 2

English Speaking

18+, Thursdays 19.00 - 20.00

12th September - 5th December (12 weeks, £102) Are you a non-native English speaker who is fed up of people saying “what?” “sorry?” “say again” or misunderstanding you? Accent softening is designed to identify problems with English Pronunciation and provide clear strategies and exercises to deal with them. The accent model is “General British”, a modern standard pronunciation which can be understood by all English speakers. You will discover how to do unfamiliar vowel and consonant sounds, and learn about relative vowel lengths, spelling-to-sound, aspects of connected speech, fluency, intonation and general clarity. All backed up with detailed notes and audio

Tutor: David Bauckham

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Authentic Accents

Authentic Accents

18+, Thursdays 20.00 - 21.00

12th September - 5th December (12 weeks, £102) Modify your own accent, and learn how to acquire and analyse a range of regional and international accents of English. Learn what makes speakers of a common language sound so different, using techniques involving detailed analysis of contrasting sounds, articulation, speech melodies and dialect words. You will need a good level of spoken English to take this course. For more specific and tailored speech tuition, visit the Individial Tuition page of our website.

Tutor: David Bauckham

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