All courses are drop off. Children booked onto half day courses should bring a snack with them and those booked onto full day courses should bring a packed lunch. Please, no nuts! Please bear in mind that although we provide aprons for art classes, things can still get messy!

The Little Art-Venture Club

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Monday 18th February, 10am - 12pm, ages 3-5, £20.

We will discuss colour and pattern, and make our own fishing game. Additionally, we will make a flying fish out of tissue to fly in the March winds! Printing, painting, magnets and sticking are some of the techniques involved.

Tutor: Sue Harris

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The Little Art-Venture Club 2

My Many Coloured Days

Monday 18th February, 1.30pm - 3.30pm, ages 3-5, £20.

Looking at this lesser known of Dr Seuss books, we will explore colour mixing and how it can convey different moods. We will learn about simultaneous contrast- how one colour looks when placed next to another and, with reference to the animals in the book, we will also look at textures. The media we will use are paint, collage and coloured acetates.

Tutor: Sue Harris

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Art Venture Club


Monday 18th February, 9.15am - 3.45pm, ages 9-14, £50.

In Dr Seuss’s The Lorax the planet is doomed to a catastrophic fate where no trees survive and the air is too polluted to breathe. It seems that nothing can be done… unless! Artists and writers offer us hope. In this one day project we will look at the art of protest from artists like Yoko Ono and Bob and Roberta Smith, musicians and graffiti artists. What will your protest be about? What matters to you? Come and make your own protest art about something you care about. It could be a banner, badge, graffiti art or something new. We will have an exciting and empowering day investigating protest art and how to get your message across.

Tutor: Kirsten Lyle

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Senior Portfolio Workshop


Tuesday 19th February, 9.15am - 3.45pm, ages 5-11, £50.

Using a range of sculptural materials, make your favourite character from the worlds of Dr Seuss. Is it Horton, the Lorax or the Cat in the Hat? Enjoy a day workshop that will explore ways of creating Dr Seuss’s distinctive characters, from their appearance to the worlds they inhabit.

Tutor: Verity Wong

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The Lorax

Tuesday 19th February, 9.15am - 3.45pm, ages 5-11, £50.

During the workshop, you will create your own forest pictures to feature the ‘Truffula trees’ and the ‘brown bar-ba-loots’ who live in the forest. Taking inspiration from the illustrations in Dr Seuss books, forest pictures, leaves and branches, you will draw, paint and use collage to create and plant your very own forests. Spend some time inventing creatures including birds, fish and your own version of Bar-ba-lots or other endangered species using collaged pictures and illustrate these creatures in personal sketch books. In ‘the Lorax’, the ‘Once-ler’ ruins the environment by chopping down and using the silky clusters on the Truffula trees to create textile ‘Thneeds’. Bring in an old jumper to create accessories including arm warmers, scarves, pin on brooches, scarves, hats (for the Cat in the hat) or leg warmers!

Tutor: Nicola Corrigan

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Mixed Media

Mr McElliott's Pool

Wednesday 20th February, 9.15am - 3.45pm, ages 5-11, £50.

Design your own imaginary pond with sea creatures such as fantasy fish, sea horses, eels and sea snakes using mixed media and watercolour inspired by the illustrations of Dr Seuss. Create original pieces of work which you will eventually use as a design to make your very own bag using fabric crayons, upcycled fabrics and sparkling sequins. Be inspired the work of surrealist artists such as Picasso as well as Dr Seuss as you discover and explore how McElliott’s pool is full of junk. Finally, make an aquarium for all your mystical sea creatures!

Tutor: Nicola Corrigan

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Painting Skills

Dr Seuss's Umbrella

Wednesday 20th February, 9.15am - 3.45pm, ages 8-14, £50.

Get ready for spring showers by illustrating your very own Dr Seuss Umbrella. In this fun class you will design and create an umbrella, based on your favourite Dr Seuss characters. Learn how to create a unique design that works practically and decoratively in the round and come away with a useful brolly you’ll want to use every day come rain or shine! Feel free to bring your favourite Dr Seuss book.

Tutor: Salina Gani

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