Aesops Fables

Aesop's Fables Family Concert

24 March



The Conservatoire Art Studio


£10 Adults
£5 Children
Under 2s Free

Performing Group

Klio Blonz, Mairéad Sheerin & Grace Mo

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“Knock knock”

‘Who’s there?’

“I am Aesop, the big storyteller.

I bring you stories from the depths of time,

with a Tortoise and a Hare and a couple more friends if you care.

Come and listen, close your eyes and draw the images in the air.

It is a journey for us to take, with wonderful discoveries to make.

Join us if you dare!!”

Following the repeated success of our Nutcracker this Christmas and Aesop’s Fables last Summer, we invite you to come back for more!  The ingredients of our productions are flute, piano, singing and narration with a big helping of love and care. Introducing classical music to our young audiences through stories and myths, fables and fairy tales, children will enter an enthralling world of adventure -  they will meet the Hare and the Tortoise, the mighty Lion and the brave Mouse, they will march with the Ants and will sing, sing, sing with Grasshopper, without a care in the world…ahhh... life could not get better!

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