Young People

Drawing Skills

Girls & Boys Who Changed The World! (Art, 8-14 yrs)

Thursday 25th July, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£50)

Inspired by books such as Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Stories for Boys who Dare to be Different, we will create our own story book collections inspired by amazing girls and boys who have changed the world. Learn how to illustrate story books and tell stories through your drawings. Improve your drawing techniques, creating bold, stylistic illustrations that really stand out. Share inspirational stories of girls and boys who are true life heroes. This is going to be one motivational and inspirational class – bring along your own stories of heroic your people to share.

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Junior Portfolio Workshop

Illustration Safari (Art, 9-14 yrs)

Wednesday 7th August, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£50)

We’re going on a Safari around the world to capture the most amazing animals found on Earth with our brushes. Learn and improve on your watercolour and ink techniques whilst you create beautiful illustrations full of colour and magic that bring your favourite animals to life and tell their stories. In this class we will be inspired by artists who excel in capturing nature and the natural world. We will create our own wildlife safari, creating beautiful wildlife illustrations full of colour in ink and watercolour. Learn new techniques and improve your drawing and painting whilst being inspired by animals of the world! You are welcome to bring pictures of your favourite animals as inspiration.

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Star In Your Own Music Video

Star In Your Own Music Video! (Drama, 8-14 yrs)

Tuesday 13th August, 9.30am - 3.30pm (£50)

You'll start by watching some great music videos before splitting into teams; Narrative, Dance and Crew (you will get a chance to have a role in each of these groups). We will split into smaller groups to film (don't worry, when you are not filming you will be working on an album cover or the credits for the video!). Each person will receive a copy of the film created once it has been edited a few days after the workshop.

Tutor: Paul McGhie

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Flute School (Music, 7-16 yrs)

Wednesday 14th - Friday 16th August, 9.30am - 1pm (£90)

If you are currently learning the flute then this is the course for you! Players will be split into groups of Grades 1–3 and Grade 4 & 5 and will attend workshops to help improve their skills and techniques as well as having the opportunity to play within an ensemble. There will be a short performance to parents on the last day of the course.

Tutor: Sarah Desbruslias & Pedro Lopez Campos

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Impro Comedy

Improvisation and Comedy (Drama, 8-14 yrs)

Thursday 29th & Friday 30th August, 9.30am - 3.30pm (£50 per day)

This two day workshop will focus on all the different elements of improvisation. This will be a safe place to be silly and creative, working through many different improvisation games and techniques that will help build their confidence in acting as well as public speaking. Using different stimulus to create and devise pieces in the afternoon session using the techniques discovered through various games in the morning sessions. Think Whose Line Is It Anyway meets Showstopper

Tutor: Adam Boardman

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Rock School

The Conservatoire's Rock School (11-16 yrs)

Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August, 10am - 3pm (10am - 1pm on Friday) (£190)

This exciting new music programme has been designed to allow the next generation of musicians to learn to play a music instrument, while having lots of fun! You’ll receive a mix of small group tuition in your chosen instrument (Guitar, Bass, Drums or Vocals) and access to a live performance at the end of the week. Throughout the week, you will work to improve your musicianship, team work and develop more of an understanding of the instrument you are playing along with understanding more about the music you’ll perform. If you have a Guitar or Bass at home, please bring it along to use during the workshop!

Tutor: Max Bonanno, Alex Bonanno, Marek Tymkow & Gregg Brennan

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