All adult art courses are delivered live over Zoom - a detailed list of materials needed will be sent when you enrol, and SBS Printing in Greenwich have offered our students 10% off art supplies if you quote ‘Conservatoire’ when ordering.

AA Online 3

Drawing & Painting Summer School (18+)

Wednesdays 12.30 - 15.30, 29th July - 26th August (5 weeks, £110)

Working through a host of traditional skills, this course will move from drawing through to painting over a five week period. Starting each session with an in-depth slide share discussion of technical instruction and relevant examples from art history, this course will equip students with the basics of working from direct observation, photographic material as well as the imagination.

Tutor: Simon Willems

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Fast Draw Illustration (18+)

Thursday 30th July, 19.00 - 21.00 (1 session, £18)

Come and experience quick draw! In this class we will do quick drawing exercises to challenge your observation skills, stretch your imagination and charge up the energy in your art. This is a fun, fast sketching session. Be challenged by different exercises designed to get you thinking creatively, imaginatively, and using your own unique style. A departure from traditional art, this is all about art that’s modern, fresh and fun!

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Illustrated Sketchbook (18+)

Thursdays 19.00 - 21.00, 6th - 27th August (4 weeks, £90)

This course explores all aspects of using colour through different drawing and painting media. By experimenting with a range of materials including watercolour, pastels, colouring pencils, felt tips and acrylic paint, students will work through a series of projects that look at using pure colour, complementary colour, monochrome and grayscale.

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Life Drawing

Drawing The Portrait In Charcoal (18+)

Thursday 30th / Friday 31st July, 18.00 - 21.00 (2 sessions, £90)

In this course we will cover ideas around anatomy and likeness, lighting and mood, constructive and visual approaches, as well as discussing some of the technical considerations of working with charcoal. Nick will demonstrate a traditional approach to portrait drawing and there will be a chance to draw from a live model over Zoom.

Tutor: Nick Cuthell

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Painting With Colour (18+)

Thursday 6th / Friday 7th August, 18.00 - 21.00 (2 sessions, £90)

Explore the endless possibilities of painting with colour. Working from the still life and master copies students will have a chance to develop their understanding of colour theory in their chosen medium. While tutor demonstrations will be working in oils, students can use any coloured medium to participate.

Tutor: Nick Cuthell

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