For these classes, we’re offering a mix of live classes over Zoom, and Box Sets that can be accessed on demand whenever you like. Watch each class at a time of your choosing, pause, rewind and watch again. You’ll get all classes on 27th July to watch at your own pace and have access to them all Summer!

  • Explore and develop a wide range of artistic techniques and inspirations

  • Learn with practising artists

  • Stimulate artistic skills in both informal and formal courses

  • Details of materials needed will be provided in good time by the tutor, but won’t be extensive. Some courses only need a pencil and paper!

  • Get 10% off art supplies when you quote ‘Conservatoire’ at SBS Printing in Greenwich

*Age ranges are recommended, however participation it is not strictly limited to this bracket)

How To Draw

Fast Draw Illustration (6 – 12 yrs)

Thursday 30th July, 10.30 - 12.00 (1 session, £13.50)

Are you a quick draw artist, fast with a pencil? Do you want to flex your pen muscles? Come and experience quick draw! In this class we will do a series of quick drawing exercises to stretch your imagination, it’s a fun, fast sketching. Bring your, creativity, your own unique style and your fastest pen. Every line counts. You only need a pen or pencil, some paper and your own imagination for this class!

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Fast Draw Illustration (13 – 18 yrs)

Thursday 30th July, 13.00 - 15.00 (1 session, £18)

In this class we will do quick drawing exercises to challenge your observation skills, stretch your imagination and charge up the energy in your art. This is a fun, fast sketching session. Be challenged by different exercises designed to get you thinking creatively, imaginatively, and using your own unique style. A departure from traditional art, this is all about art that’s modern, fresh and fun!

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Portraits & Patterns

Portraits and Patterns (5 – 11 yrs)*

5 x 30 mins Box Set (£40)

This series of 5 workshops will explore the work of contemporary African-American artist Kehinde Wiley, who is know for his depiction of contemporary American culture and was commissioned to produce a presidential portrait of Barack Obama. The content can be adapted to each child’s abilities while covering and building on a range of skills. We'll look at portraits of presidents and prime ministers and discuss symbolism. You'll develop your own portrait through drawing or cut and pasted imagery. You'll be introduced to the work of William Morris and shown how to apply drawing, printing and painting techniques to create a densely patterned background. You'll discover how to create a repeat pattern by making your own stencil and being guided through how to apply it using drops and half drops, to finalise your portrait. We'll jump off the paper and take an exploration in to 3D art, bringing life to our 2D portraits and delve in to a world of puppetry. How many puppets will you create to enjoy and play with at home?

Tutor: Sue Harris

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Verity 1

Hand Building With Clay (11 – 16 yrs)*

5 x 30 mins Box Set (£40)

Explore the endless creative opportunities of hand building with clay in this series of 5 workshops. Whether you are a complete beginner, or have some experience, these sessions will provide a useful foundation, or further guidance, on the fundamental techniques of hand-building with clay. Perhaps you want to make a model of a beloved pet, or a pen pot? Maybe something new and unforeseen will emerge in the process of making. Pinch, coil, roll, carve, paint, press; these methods are some of what will be covered in these sessions. You will be taught the techniques to first work with clay, and then research and plan potential creative projects.

Tutor: Verity Wong

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Print Making

Ready, Steady, Print! (11 – 16 yrs)*

5 x 30 mins Box Set (£40)

There are lots of different ways you can create marks with everyday objects lying around the house, so this series of 5 workshops will be an experimental exploration in to what’s possible. You’ll learn how to create prints from different materials such as plasticine, cardboard and glue. Working with each object in ways to make imprints and marks to create various textures onto paper and fabric. It’ll take you through the process from beginning to end, starting with making DIY inking tools with sponge pads and pounces as alternative ways of applying ink to a printing tool, and ending with burnishing where you can learn how to make your own baren. It’s a fun way to unleash your imagination and create patterns with basic materials around the home which you can turn into wall hangings and wrapping paper as gifts to family and friends.

Tutor: Natasha Mok

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Relief Cast

Relief Casting (11 – 16 yrs)*

5 x 30 mins Box Set (£40)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a replica of an existing object that could make a beautiful keepsake for you or your family? In this 5 part workshop we will look at 3 basic methods of mould making and casting, including paper casting, life casting from the body (hand or foot) and relief casting using clay and plaster. We will go on to look at how these pieces can be customised with decorative techniques to make them truly original, one of a kind artworks that you can treasure.

Tutor: Clare Balint

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