Our Early Years Music programme is a little different this term. To stay safe and
to continue to offer our high-quality education for children at such a formative age, we’re making new pre-recorded lessons for you to stream from home on our YouTube channel. This means that once you enrol, you’ll get access to all 5 lessons on 27th July, and you can watch them again and again, whenever you like, for the Summer.

Hilary 1

Where Are You Going? Can I Come Too? (6 mths – 4 yrs)

5 x 30 mins Box Set (£40)

We’re going on a journey... Who knows where we’ll end up or how we’ll get there! We’re making a picnic, we’ve got some toys and some books and we’re ready to have some fun! So pack your bag and come and join us! This course is suitable for both new and existing students who may have previously attended Tiny Tots, Toddler Tunes or Little Maestros.

Tutor: Hilary Dolamore

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Lucy 1

Creative Musicianship (5 – 7 yrs)

5 x 30 mins Box Set (£52.50)

We may not be able to meet in person, but we're going to get creative and explore new ways to create and make exciting music together! You'll be led step by step to make your own musical instruments, using simple household objects. We're going to think outside the box and get seriously inventive in the process! By the end of the course we'll have made lots of great instruments to use and have fun with. For the last class, course leader Lucy Murphy will perform a special concert for the group on piano, accompanied by a surprise instrumentalist. As you watch and listen, Lucy will guide you through with some questions and things to listen out for in the pieces. We'll be using and playing our own instruments through the pieces too, to make for a complete interactive experience.

Tutor: Lucy Murphy

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Jay 1

Highly Strung! Ukulele Group (3 – 6 yrs) Beginners

5 x 30 mins Box Set (£37.50)

Are you a budding uke player? This new online course is suitable for complete beginners as well as those who may have previously attended the beginners term time course. Ukulele for beginners will offer a continuation of the term time classes, with a mix of new material and our term time classics to keep your uke-ing in full swing this summer! This 5 part course will be full of fun songs and musicianship games...there will also be musical statues for some extra summer holiday merriment!

Tutor: Jay Hammond

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Nathen 1

Highly Strung! Ukulele Some Experience (3 – 6 yrs)

5 x 30 mins Box Set (£37.50)

Have you got some uke experience under your belt? This new online course is as above, but suitable for children who have started to play the ukulele and those who have previously attended the 'some experience' term time course!

Tutor: Jay Hammond

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