In line with the national lockdown, the Conservatoire is moving its classes online where it is possible to do so. We plan to maintain online classes until February half term, at which time we will review in line with government guidance and restrictions.

We believe the high quality of many classes can still be upheld within an online format. Having already delivered many of our classes online during this difficult period, our tutors have shown that they are able to provide fantastic, focused tuition in this environment. 

We recognise that some courses do not translate well online, and to maintain quality we have taken the difficult decision to pause or cancel some courses. We very much look forward to the time when we can welcome all our students back into the building. Below is a list of our courses and what's happening with them.

  • Become more confident and expressive
  • Work as a team
  • Learn new skills
  • Perform on stage

We have expanded our Adult Drama department with a fascinating range of new courses designed to intrigue, excite and develop life and career skills.

Stephanie Osztreicher 2

Voice & Verse POSTPONED

18+, Mondays 19.00 - 20.30

4th January - 29th March (12 weeks, £144) Discover your true voice with these ground-breaking classes at the Conservatoire. We'll examine how we breathe and how we speak, establish the basics of articulation and vocal resonance, utilise classical verse as a gateway into expressing structured thought, and explore dynamics of spatial awareness leading to a greater sense of physical presence. Tidal breath, signature voice, vowels, consonants, plosives and continuants: from everyday conversation to weekly work presentations, speaking will never be the same again.

Tutor: Stephanie Osztreicher

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Simon Geal


18+, Tuesdays 19.30 - 21.30

5th January - 30th March (12 weeks, £162) Improve your confidence, self-expression and performance, culminating in an end of term production in a working theatre. Open to adult students of all ages and levels, the course allows you to get back into theatre as we use great play texts to train together in different acting techniques, from comedy and melodrama, to naturalism and epic theatre.

Tutor: Simon Geal

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ES 2

English Speaking (Online)

18+, Thursdays 19.00 - 20.00

7th January - 1st April (12 weeks, £102) Are you a non-native English speaker who is fed up of people saying “what?” “sorry?” “say again” or misunderstanding you? Accent softening is designed to identify problems with English Pronunciation and provide clear strategies and exercises to deal with them. The accent model is “General British”, a modern standard pronunciation which can be understood by all English speakers. You will discover how to do unfamiliar vowel and consonant sounds, and learn about relative vowel lengths, spelling-to-sound, aspects of connected speech, fluency, intonation and general clarity. All backed up with detailed notes and audio This class will now take place over Zoom.

Tutor: David Bauckham

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Authentic Accents

Authentic Accents CANCELLED

18+, Thursdays 20.00 - 21.00

7th January - 1st April (12 weeks, £102) Modify your own accent, and learn how to acquire and analyse a range of regional and international accents of English. Learn what makes speakers of a common language sound so different, using techniques involving detailed analysis of contrasting sounds, articulation, speech melodies and dialect words. You will need a good level of spoken English to take this course. For more specific and tailored speech tuition, visit the Individial Tuition page of our website.

Tutor: David Bauckham

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BYT Rehearsal

Read Between The Lines - Play Reading Group CANCELLED

18+, Thursdays 11.00 - 13.00

7th January - 1st April (12 weeks, £192) Read Between The Lines is a weekly play reading group; a book club without the homework and with a lovely stagey twist. Each week we will read through a different play looking at a wide spectrum of playwrights. Practice your sight-reading , develop an ear for dialogue, get familiar with a great story, learn something new, and spend a couple of hours scratching that creative itch. No experience required to join this group. All are welcome! This group is run by professional Musical Theatre performer and Actor Adam Boardman, who has worked with companies including The RSC, BBC and, most recently, on the Les Misérables International Tour

Tutor: Adam Boardman

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