Roundabout (5-7 yrs)

Roundabout has been suspended.

Go to our Lockdown 3 article to see a complete list of our courses and whether they are cancelled or continuing online. 

We are delighted to have our flagship programmes, Roundabout and Play! back in the building. To ensure everyone’s safety we’ve made some changes and are redesigning the curriculum so that our young musicians get just as much out of the programme as before! In addition to the measures laid out in our brochure, we are replacing flute and brass with cello and recorder. Each child will be allocated a recorder (they can also be purchased for around £20, if you prefer) to ensure they do not share instruments and they will be cleaned between sessions. The advantage of recorders is the nature of the air stream – far less air is dissipated when blowing into the mouthpiece compared to the flute and the air flow is also directional. The children will be positioned in such a way that the directional air stream is localised. The rooms will be ventilated throughout and in between sessions. Roundabout is a unique and very popular one-year introduction to six instruments for those who would like to try out a series of options before deciding what they would like to learn. Children learn in small groups, spending half a term on each of the following: violin, trumpet, guitar, piano, flute and percussion. Classes include a mixture of songs, musical games, instrumental technique and creative projects.

Over the course of the year, children develop skills in rhythm, pitch, notation, performance and composition, as well as learning the basic technique for playing each instrument. You receive a termly report on your child’s progress to keep you informed of their achievements. Each half term includes a ‘Show & Share’ class, where all the children come together to perform. This provides an opportunity for friends and family to share in the children’s achievements and celebrate their progress and culminates in an end-of-year Celebration Concert.

Concerts will not be running this term due to COVID-19 and we will be recording Show & Share sessions for parents.

Please note that this is a year-long course. It can either be paid for in advance (£630) or in termly instalments of £210. 

Roundabout is very popular and places are often filled by those on the waiting list. Please do contact us to see if we do have spaces, or to join the waiting list yourself. Roundabout leads on to our fantastic music programme for 6-9 year olds - Play!

Intro to Cello


17.15 - 18.00;

Starting 7th January 2020

Tutor: This course is taught by a range of our outstanding individual Tutors.

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16.15 - 17.00; 17.15 - 18.00

Starting 7th January 2020

Tutor: This course is taught by a range of our outstanding individual Tutors.

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