Children & Young People (5-18 yrs)

Lots of art, music and drama for young people this half term!

Make A Sea Shanty Musical

Make a Sea Shanty Musical! (Drama, 8-14 yrs)

Monday 13th - Wednesday 15th February, 09.30 - 15.30 (£174 for 3 days)

Come and join two West End actors for a 3-day musical theatre workshop learning sea shanties! You will work together with Adam and Connor, who are both currently in Les Misérables, to improve your vocal and singing technique, learn new improvisation and acting techniques and put on your own short compilation musical to perform at the end of the 3 days.

Tutor: Adam Boardman & Connor Jones

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Making Short Films

Making Short Films: Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean (8-14 yrs)

Monday 13th February, 09.30 - 15.30 (£58)

Ever wanted to make a short film? Ever wanted to visit The Titanic, the Loch Ness Monster or even Atlantis? Now you can with this filmmaking workshop that explores how to build an underwater set, shoot and edit a short film whilst travelling on the adventure of a lifetime. With their own tablets or smartphones, all children will work together to write short films which they will then produce in the studio by acting out, filming and editing into a final production they can take home for a popcorn premiere! Please note that participants must bring their own tablet or smartphone.

Tutor: Paul McGhie

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Blue Worlds

Blue Worlds (Art, 7-12 yrs)

Monday 13th February, 09.30 - 15.30 (£58)

Let’s create blue worlds! Think of how much the planet is filled with the colour blue: the sky, the sea, and so much more. Using jars and creating lanterns, we will start off with collage, creating designs which we will place on our 3D objects, using glass paints. We will build our worlds by filling our jars with water, gel balls and jelly, and adding any creatures and colours as well. Your blue worlds will light up for all to see and will be bottled to capture a piece of blue magic!

Tutor: Natasha Mok

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Fantastic Flutes

Fantastic Flutes and How to Play Them (Music, 6-9 yrs)

Monday 13th February, 13.30 - 15.30 (£22)

In this flute course, you will learn all about the instrument, meeting different flutes from around the world and even get to try out your very own flute skills! Our experienced tutor will guide you through aspects of rhythm and musicality through a variety of games, using the flute head joint to ground you in the basics of the instrument. Within the class you will learn a variety of sounds, three different notes, and write our own short piece of music. This class gives you the opportunity to try out the flute to see if you would like to take your learning with the instrument further and offers a basis from which you would be able to progress to our term time Play! Flute programme. If you have your own instrument, feel free to bring it along but, if not, you can use one of ours for the class.

Tutor: Victoria Heath

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Play Drums 5

Roundabout: Half Term Taster (Music 4-7 yrs)

Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th February, 10.00 - 12.30 (£65 for both days)

Roundabout has been running at the Conservatoire for over 30 years! Since 1992 we have been introducing children aged 5-7 to music through this exciting, informative and inclusive year-long course. Are you thinking of signing up? Perhaps you are already on the waiting list? Well then, this two-day taster is perfect for you! Join us for two mornings in half term to explore all of the many instruments that learners get to explore in their year of Roundabout; strings, flute, piano, brass, percussion and guitar. You'll get time with each instrument, and even try playing in an orchestra. Join us and join the fun!

Tutor: Roundabout Lead Phil Entwistle & Roundabout Tutors

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Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration for Teens (Art, 11-14 yrs)

Tuesday 14th February, 13.00 - 16.00 (£34)

A short course for 11-14 year olds, exploring the world of fashion illustration. If you love fashion and are always drawing your next design, this course is perfect for you. We will explore a range of illustrative techniques used in fashion illustration and experiment with different materials. Participants will finish off the day by creating their own blue planet inspired fashion illustration design using their favourite techniques from the session.

Tutor: Florence Tambini Cooper

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Highly Strung

Ukulele For Beginners (6-7 yrs)

Tuesday 14th February, 10.30 - 12.30 (£22)

Come and try out the ukulele and get started on the right note! Join us on this fun-filled introduction to the instrument. Learn to play your first song and have fun making music. Participants will learn the basics, under the guidance of a professional musician. All levels are welcome; bring your own instrument or borrow one of ours.

Tutor: Jay Hammond

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Fish Collage

Create a Fish Collage (Art, 5-11 yrs)

Wednesday 15th February, 09.30 - 15.30 (£58)

Using acrylic paints, we will create a beautiful underwater scene. Starting with the background, you will create your water - is it a green lake or a blue ocean? While this is drying, we will create another abstract painting using our favourite colours, and we will cut this out to make our fish, of all different shapes and sizes. We will paste the fish in a swirly circle to make a beautiful shoal collage!

Tutor: Lilly Walker

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Comedy Impro

Comedy & Improvisation (Drama, 8-14 yrs)

Thursday 16th February, 09.30 - 15.30 (£58)

This workshop will focus on all the different elements of improvisation. This will be a safe place to be silly and creative, working through many different improvisation games and techniques that will help build confidence in acting as well as public speaking. We will use different stimulus to create and devise pieces in the afternoon session using the techniques discovered through various games in the morning sessions. Think Whose Line Is It Anyway meets Showstopper!

Tutor: Adam Boardman

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Modroc Marine Creatures (Art, 5-11 yrs)

Thursday 16th February, 09.30 - 15.30 (£58)

In this workshop we will celebrate a whole host of endangered marine species and all the work that is being done to save them. We will create a 3D model of your favourite species using Modroc - will it be a Grey Whale, a Manatee, a Monk Seal, or perhaps the Atlantic Ridley Sea Turtle? We’ll also create a beautiful background for our model to sit in - let’s paint a lovely clean sea or ocean!

Tutor: Lilly Walker

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Join A Bnad

Join a Band! (Music, 9-16 yrs)

Thursday 16th February, 10.00 - 12.00 (£22)

Are you a young drummer, pianist or singer? Ever dreamt of joining a band? Now is your time to shine! Come and learn to play your favourite pop songs as part of a band this half-term. Taught by practicing musicians, you will learn how to collaborate, jam and most importantly have fun with your music! Let’s rock! Perhaps we’ll sing the blues, or have a jam to ‘Yellow Submarine’… This course is open to young pianists, singers, and drummers/percussionists. We have limited space available for each instrument, so please get in touch ASAP to secure your spot.

Tutor: Oran Cooch & Carla Jourdan

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Jiggling Jellyfish and Cranky Crabs! (Art, 8-14 yrs)

Friday 17th February, 09.30 - 15.30 (£58)

In this one-day sculptural workshop you will be creating your very own flamboyant Jiggling Jellyfish and a pincer snapping Cranky Crab! Using sustainable materials, and a range of construction techniques you will bring to life your individual Ocean-themed design ideas, to create your own unique suspended, spinning colourful Jellyfish and a characterful Cranky Crab to take home at the end of the day! Through guided design interpretation, you will learn paper pattern and construction techniques, use of colour and texture, ribbon work and a range of decorative skills. We hope you will join us to dive in for some creative adventures!

Tutor: Dot Young

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1 Day Guitar

1 Day Guitar Workshop (6-10 yrs)

Friday 17th February, 09.30 - 15.30 (£58)

Come and join us for a one-day course where you will learn all about the guitar while learning and playing some songs. Explore the instrument and express yourself under the guidance of our enthusiastic tutors. We welcome young guitarists of all levels, including complete beginners. Guitars can be hired for the session free of charge.

Tutor: Marek Tymkow & Dimitrios Ntontis

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