A word from the Principal (March 2019)

We know that music and the creative arts are facing huge challenges in schools, and a recent report has begun to put some numbers to this - see this recent article from BBC News – https://bbc.in/2EKDMMZ). This certainly reflects my experience of talking to Head Teachers and Arts Leads in our area and beyond. Schools have tough and often heart breaking decisions to make when they plan their budgets, and with an inspection regime that still remains focused narrowly on progress and attainment, the arts are under unprecedented pressure. Similar challenges to funding for social services, community education and elderly care make this something that impacts on people of all ages.

This is why the work of places such as the Conservatoire is more vital now than ever before. We believe that the arts can transform lives, and we know we have a moral obligation to work both in partnerships with schools, and through our own programmes, to continue to offer potentially life-changing opportunities to the most vulnerable and marginalised in our community. 

However you interact with the Conservatoire community - as a learner, parent, donor, well-wisher or participant in one of our outreach programmes - you are contributing to something truly special. You are helping us to deliver outstanding creative opportunities not only to learners who come through our doors, but to people who otherwise would never experience the benefits of art, music and drama.

We believe that people should have the opportunity to be far more than simple units of economic utility: and by being part of the Conservatoire family, you help us to be ambitious for, and supportive of, many groups that would otherwise sit increasingly at the margins of society. 

Thank you for your support, your challenge, your enthusiasm and your belief. You are helping us to enrich and transform lives.

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