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Other Worlds

Other Worlds: Alien Forms In Flowers, Plants & More! (8-14 yrs)

Monday 25th October, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£50)

In our busy cities, in can be easy to look past a tree, a piece of lichen on some bark, or even a weed. This workshop asks us to bring in the nature we find around our urban environments, and look closer. Using a simple clip-on macro lens on a smartphone camera, we’re going to zoom in to the natural objects we bring along, and discover other worlds! By photographing our magnified pieces of nature, we’re sure to see abstract shapes and spaces we never considered before! The inside of a Foxglove flower can look like an alien monster, a close-up of a flower stem can look like a creature from the sea, magnifying a poppy can look like a giant cake, and even a tiny piece of moss magnified can look like its own city! Once we photograph our magnified samples, we’ll paint and draw what we see. By the end, we'll have gallery of painted abstract shapes and forms that we’d normally overlook in our busy lives. Not only do we get to look at nature closer in this workshop, but appreciate how even the smallest pieces of nature have their importance, if we look close enough. * Pupils will need to bring a smartphone camera, and a simple clip-on macro lens. Pupils can also bring along natural objects such as flowers, leaves, shells or stones.

Tutor: Betty Adamou

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Colourful Creations

Colourful Creations Inspired by Paul Klee (3-5 yrs)

Monday 25th October, 10am - 12pm (£20)

Looking at the work of Paul Klee, lots of the shapes look like houses in a landscape. Inspired by his work, we will make our own colourful creations in his style using paint, bleeding tissue, and ink. Get ready for a very colourful class!

Tutor: Sue Harris

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Pumpkin Parade

Pumpkin Parade (4-7 yrs)

Monday 25th October, 1.30pm - 3.30pm (£20)

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist, who loves polka dots! She wears clothes covered in dots, and paints polka dots. We will look at her pumpkins, draw and make our own out of clay. I wonder what we’ll decorate it with? What do you think!

Tutor: Sue Harris

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Filmmaking Special Effects (7-12 yrs)

Tuesday 26th October, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£50)

Filmmaking has the power to transport you anywhere and anyhow in the blink of an eye - and it can all be done with one press of the record button. In this workshop, we will gather items you can find from the city, the countryside, and the sea to create an animated short film - an imaginative journey from one environment to the other - comparing and contrasting materials, colours and sounds. We will build props, paint pictures and combine our work to create a fantastic moving collage we can share with all our families and friends. This workshop allows pupils to exercise their creative storytelling, model making, and performance skills to produce a film together they can all be proud of.

Tutor: Paul McGhie

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Fireworks Over The City (3-5 yrs)

Tuesday 26th October, 10am - 12pm (£20)

We will explore rubbings and textures of buildings, and then create our own city out of paper. Based on the work of the artist Michael Bolus, we will fold and sculpt our paper. We can make some 3-D fireworks to explode over the city. What will your sculpture look like, a building? A rollercoaster?

Tutor: Sue Harris

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Desert Island

Desert Island Discussions (4-7 yrs)

Tuesday 26th October, 1.30pm - 3.30pm (£20)

Let’s design an Island paradise with trees, mountains, a beach, palm trees, maybe even treasure. We will make it out of modroc and paint it, ready to take home. A 3-D treasure map!

Tutor: Sue Harris

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Watercolour CItyscapes

Watercolour, Lovely Landscapes, Chagall and Cityscapes (5-11 yrs)

Thursday 28th October, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£50)

During this one day workshop we will design landscapes based on collage, multimedia and natural materials. We will then draw and paint creations based on these artworks and inspired by the paintings of Chagall. We will create watercolour backgrounds and use various techniques to introduce naturalistic textural contrast and colour. We’ll create aerial paintings and patchwork fields and build cities from scrap, card and upcycled collage materials. We will then use this as a basis from which to design and paint a T-shirt illustrating your lovely landscapes and cityscapes.

Tutor: Nicola Corrigan

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Urban Sketching

Urban Sketching (9-14 yrs)

Friday 29th October, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£50)

Let's really get outside and go sketching around Blackheath itself! Paint the Conservatoire from the outside, explore paper collage up on the Heath, illustrate the duck pond, people watch through our pens on the high street… sounds fun doesn't it?

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Parent & Child Pottery Class (5-11 yrs w/ 18+ yr guardian)

Saturday 30th October, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£95 for one adult & one child)

Explore the potential of clay in this one-day workshop where various hand building techniques will be taught. Whether you want to make a functional piece to use around the house, or a sculpture to display, this course offers the chance to plan and develop your own piece.   This workshop gives you the opportunity to be creative alongside your child. Our experienced Potter will help guide children and adults of all ages through the workshop and everyone will have one original piece of pottery to take home after it has been fired! The course fee covers a place for one child and one parent/guardian. At the end of the day, students can choose 1 piece that they would like to be fired and glazed to be transformed into ceramic. (firing and glazing will take about 3-4 weeks and we will contact you when your pieces are ready to collect).

Tutor: Jacq Lines

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