Scroll down to see all the art classes we have going on this Summer holiday for children and young people, in date order. 

Zine 2

Create Your Own Zine!! (8-14 yrs)

Tuesday 17th August, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£50)

People have been making Zines since 1775! This is your opportunity to join many artists in making your own fabulous Zine! Find out about this history of the Zine and be inspired by the creators who made them. We will cut, paste and draw, using our own stories and personal narratives to create something quite unique. Everyone will leave with a copy of the Zine we produce as a group.

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Fun With Yarn 1

Fun With Yarn (8-14 yrs)

Wednesday 18th August, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£55)

In this one-day introduction to yarn crafts, you’ll learn a number of basic knitting and crochet skills as well as come away with some beautiful handmade projects. Learn how to cast on and the knit stitch, start off on the path to crochet, discover the art of the Pom Pom and play with buttons and ribbons. You’ll learn how to make a Pom Pom scarf, as well as a small broach and a small knit purse!

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Shadow Puppets

Make Your Own Shadow Puppets! (6-9 yrs)

Thursday 19th August, 9.15am - 3.45pm (£50)

Make your own shadow puppets! Shadow puppetry is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment. In this class we will be inspired by shadow play from across the world. We will make our own moving shadow puppet characters and scenery and take them on a creative adventure. We will create our own unique narratives. Tell stories and let your imagination be inspired by this ancient art!

Tutor: Salina Jane

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Oceam Sculptures 1

Ocean Sculptures (7-12 yrs)

Friday 20th August, 9.15am - 3.30pm (£55)

Ancient sea faring civilizations have left us with stories of sea monsters and magical creatures of the deep. In this one-day sculpture course children will design and construct and model their own amazing oceanic sculptures. We’ll look at the dazzling glass sea creatures of Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka as well as figures from classical mythology to inspire our own creatures from the deep.

Tutor: Kirsten Lyle

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