• Art Venture Club

    The Art-Venture Club (6-11 yrs)

    Art-Venture club provides a fun packed, stimulating yet informal setting for your child to really enjoy the process and results of creating art. Designed to give your child the chance to explore a wide range of materials and media.

  • Mixed Media

    Mixed Media (9-14 yrs)

    Under expert and friendly guidance, students will create a unique body of art that expresses their talent and artistic identity. Perfectly designed for children and teenagers who want to explore, develop and experiment with drawing, painting, and collage skills within the subject of printmaking.

  • Junior Portfolio Workshop

    Junior Portfolio Workshop (8-11 yrs)

    These courses are designed to take children through the stages of art making from the conception of an idea to the completion of a project- just like a professional artist. Students work with a broad range of media from printmaking to sculpture in order to broaden their skill base and understanding.

  • Senior Portfolio Workshop

    Senior Portfolio Workshop (11-16 yrs)

    Every stage of the design process is documented through drawings and photographs and students are responsible for editing and displaying their work in their portfolio – an all-important part of the artistic process.

  • Drawing Skills

    Drawing Skills (9-14 yrs)

    Drawing Skills is one of the most popular and longest running children’s art courses at the Conservatoire. It is ideal for students who wish to explore and develop drawing techniques and take their skills to the next level.

  • Painting Skills

    Painting Skills (9-14 yrs)

    Our Painting Skills class is designed for students who wish to explore and develop painting techniques and take their skills to the next level. Students explore colour application and mixing using a variety of media including oils, acrylics, watercolour, tempera etc.

  • GCSE Art

    GCSE & A-Level Art (13-18 yrs)

    This course is for anyone wishing to take GCSE, AS or A2 in Art and Design. The course is also suitable for students wishing to build a portfolio for application to a BTEC course. Admission on application.

  • Kids Art 3

    Creative Art Club (8 - 14 yrs)

    This art class will allow students to pursure their own individual projects. It will give space for self-lead learning, with the guidance and support of artists.

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