Learn an instrument in a group, join a Baroque ensemble, refresh your theory or enjoy the fulfilment of singing

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“Playing in a group is so rewarding. The Tutors are all musically brilliant, and also dedicated and full of enthusiasm.”
Adult Ukulele

Artist Development: Popular Music (18+yrs)

Tuesdays 13.00 - 15.30

9th January - 6th February (5 weeks, £105) Marco has run Artist Development Programmes and Workshops in the UK since 2013. Some of his previous students also include Jess Glynne, Nilufer Yanya, The Lost Hours. His teaching can help Musicians, Singer Song-writers, Guitarists, Artists. Sessions are always tailored to the students needs and objectives. The programme is aimed to help any Music Creative, of any level; it's based on three major reference phases: 1) Self reflection/awareness, and Feedback and evaluation - Deconstruction 2) Self and Brand development - Action Plan 3) Performance & Showcase - Presentation Each session includes performances from students of original material and feedback from the entire group. Some of the music subjects include Guitar Techniques, Songwriting, Music Theory, Performance skills, Production, Brand development, Blues & Jazz Harmony, Blues Rock Jazz Improvisation, Personal Development. By the end of each session the students will have greater awareness of their music, clarity on how to develop it, and they will know how to use specific tools to reach their goals.

Tutor: Marco Piccioni

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Group Violin 2

Group Violin (Grades 4+)

Tuesday 18.45 - 19.30

9th January - 26th March (11 weeks, £176) Come and learn to play in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere. You will receive outstanding tuition in small groups in a supportive and relaxed environment – an opportunity to explore the violin and have fun at the same time. If you would like to learn violin but are not yet Grade 4 level, please contact our tuition team to arrange individual tuition.

Tutor: Elena Sanchez

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Group Violin

String Ensemble (Grade 4+)

Tuesday 19.40 - 20.40

9th January - 26th March (11 weeks, £176) Come along to join the Conservatoire’s String Ensemble! Whether you are a seasoned ensemble player or just starting out on playing in a group, you are welcome. The group is made up of all of the string family instruments, and we play music of all kinds, sharing music together and learning some chamber music, as well as iconic works from classical to jazz. This group is a perfect supplement to your individual learning or Group Violin tuition, which runs directly before it.

Tutor: Elena Sanchez

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Group Flute

Flute Choir (Grade 2+)

Tuesdays 20.00 - 21.00

9th January - 26th March (11 weeks, £154) A group for flautists of all ages of Grade 2 or above. An opportunity to meet fellow flautists and play together as an ensemble in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. If you would like to refresh your flute playing and are not yet at Grade 2 level, please contact

Tutor: Sarah Desbruslais

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Womens Choir 1

Women's Choir

Wednesdays 11.00 - 12.00

10th January - 27th March (11 weeks, £97) Come along to join Blackheath Conservatoire’s Women’s Choir, which has been running for over 30 years! Did you know it has been scientifically proven that singing is good for your health? Come and test the theory and join our choir in singing a wide range of musical styles. All ages and all levels of experience are welcome, as expert tutor Noah Mosley will guide you through classical and contemporary choir music. All you need to get involved is enthusiasm!

Tutor: Noah Mosley

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Singers Unlimited

Singers Unlimited

Wednesdays 12.45 - 13.45

10th January - 27th March (11 weeks, £77) A masterclass for solo singers providing a wonderful opportunity to build confidence and improve your performance in front of a group. Anything goes repertoire-wise, just bring along your song and sheet music if you wish to be accompanied. All are welcome but this group has a strong history of mature singers.

Tutor: Noah Mosley

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Blackheath Baroque Ensemble

Blackheath Baroque Ensemble (16+ yrs, Grade 6+)

Wednesdays 20.00 - 21.00

10th January - 27th March (11 weeks, £231) Our Baroque ensembles are an exceptional training ground for music from the Middle Ages to early 19th century. Players of recorders, flutes, oboes, strings, piano/harpsichord, viola da gamba, theorbo, lute and archlute are welcome to join our thriving community of instrumentalists who share a love for making Early Music. The Conservatoire also has its own harpsichord, a French-style five-octave single manual. These ensembles offer students of Grade 6 and above the opportunity to play with a wide range of instruments in a chamber setting. We explore the orchestral repertoire written before 1800 in a historically informed way with mostly one or two instruments per part. The classes are friendly and welcoming, and music is played and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. Students generally have access to our music room to warm up for half an hour beforehand.

Tutor: Frantisek Brikcius

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Shanty Singers

Thursdays 19.30 - 20.30

11th January - 28th March (11 weeks, £88 or £9 drop in) Come along to this brand new Shanty Singers group at the Conservatoire to learn traditional sea shanties. All abilities are welcome. There is no need to be able to read music, but you should be able to sing in tune and have a good sense of rhythm. Learn from Nicola Harrison, who comes from an ancient sea faring family, and take on the tradition of this fabulous working and storytelling custom from the days of sail. You will also learn the background to the shanties, and the different styles and rhythms depending on the type of work they were sung to on board. Tutor Nicola has run projects and performances with shanty singers from Devon and Cornwall and written shows featuring the sea, the characters and creatures that come from the sea, and the sailors who work on and earn their living from the ocean. She is an incredibly seasoned teacher and singer herself with a background in teaching and performance. Some of her students have become monumentally famous and she has worked with choirs at Oxford University where she is a Lecturer. But don’t be swayed by that! Nicola teaches shanty singing because she loves the rocky, folk tradition of the sailors’ life.

Tutor: Nicola Harrison

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Discovering Classical

Discovering Classical Music

Wednesdays 13.45 - 15.45

10th January - 20th March (10 weeks, £200) Baffled by Brahms? Perplexed by Prokofiev? Stumped by Strauss? Join Bruno Bower for a journey to discover new ways to understand classical music, without any of the obscure jargon. As a follow-on term from the Autumn's Discovering Classical Music course, together we'll listen to a wide range of classical music, discussing music history and the history of different genres. The Spring course is suitable for people with or without previous knowledge of classical music, and you do not have to have completed Term 1 to join.

Tutor: Bruno Bowers

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