• Tiny Tots

    Tiny Tots (6-18 mths)

    At this early stage of musical development we focus on the interaction between child and carer. Musical concepts are introduced through play and exploring different sound sources. This lays solid foundations in the brain for the development of speech and language!

  • Toddler Tunes

    Toddler Tunes (18-36 months)

    With the help of puppets, musical concepts are gradually introduced. Listening, imagination and fine motor skills are all enhanced, offering developmental benefits beyond music.

  • Little Maestros

    Little Maestros (3 & 4 yrs)

    Children continue to experiment with new instruments while musical concepts are consciously integrated in such a way as to support Phase One of the Letter and Sounds national teaching programme and other areas of the Early Years Foundation curriculum.

  • Highly Strung

    Highly Strung! Ukulele Group (4&5 yrs)

    Learn basic techniques on this perfect introductory instrument in an engaging and fun way. Together as a group we explore all the sounds a ukulele can make, as well as strumming open string pieces and plucking with simple chords.

  • Junior Musicianship

    Junior Musicianship (5 & 6 yrs)

    This is an ideal class for any Junior Musician, whether they are already beginning to learn an instrument or are thinking of taking one up but do not feel ready just yet. Based on music theory and the KS1 national curriculum.

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