Senior Portfolio Workshop (11-16 yrs) SPRING

These courses are designed to take children through the stages of art making from the conception of an idea to the completion of a project - just like a professional artist. Students work with a broad range of media from printmaking to sculpture in order to broaden their skill base and understanding. Every stage of the design process is documented through drawings and photographs and students are responsible for editing and displaying their work in their portfolio – an all-important part of the artistic process. There is a strong focus on drawing, which sits at the core of visual language development for children. This is a wonderful opportunity to create a unique body of work that expresses creative identity, develops artistic talent, and generates a portfolio to be proud of.  

Senior Portfolio Workshop


17.30 - 18.45

17th April - 17th July (13 weeks, £214.50)

Tutor: Lilly Walker

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