It’s not just the children missing term-time courses. Adults can continue to be creative and take the chance to try some exciting new options not usually in the programme.

Summer Atelier

Summer Atelier (18+)

Saturday 27th / Sunday 28th July / Saturday 3rd / Sunday 4th August, 10.00 - 16.00 (£220)

Like the hugely popular term time Atelier Conservatoire, this course is based on the traditional European system of artists coming together as a group to work in a serious studio environment on personal projects, with the support and guidance of a tutor. Participants need to be self-motivated and have an idea of what they would like to do. Many make painting projects based around photographs as source material as well as their own research and drawings. Others work from observation – the still life or interior – as well as imaginatively on abstract compositions. The course runs in the spacious Art Studio for two consecutive days over two weeks. It is an opportunity to continue developing projects already begun in the Atelier Conservatoire, or to begin something new and see it as an intense self-contained period of work. Some experience of painting and drawing is essential.

Tutor: David Webb

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Conducting for Beginners

Conducting for Beginners (18+)

Saturday 27th August, 10.00 - 16.00 (£64)

A one-day intensive conducting course for adult beginners, aimed at adults who have little experience or have never done conducting before but can read music and/or play a musical instrument. The participants will learn basic conducting technique, to express themselves musically through the gestures of their body, rehearsal technique, they will learn to study an orchestral score efficiently, we will watch/analyse videos of legendary past and present conductors and the way they communicated with the orchestra. They will learn to understand music from a different perspective. Each participant will also have the chance to have some time during the afternoon to conduct an orchestra (in this case a piano, playing a reduction of an orchestral piece that every participant will know in advance). Please bring your own instruments to the course as well!

Tutor: Manuel Arellano Bover

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Layering Lino How to Create a Reduction Print

Layering Lino: How to Create a Reduction Print (18+)

Monday 29th July, 18.00 - 21.30 (£38)

Creating a layered lino print can be a complicated task! In this workshop, you will learn the skills and techniques needed to create your own layered reduction print. Taught by Catherine Walker, an experienced printmaker, you will gain an understanding of colour theory, carving and printing before creating and taking home your very own print. Lino is a great method to make reproducible prints, which can be used for cards, posters or even wrapping paper. By using the same piece of lino to create your reduction prints, you will learn moneysaving and sustainable techniques to advance your printmaking skills.

Tutor: Catherine Walker

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Handbuilding Basics

Handbuilding Basics: Sculpt Your Face Onto A Pot! (18+)

Tuesday 30th July, 18.00 - 21.00 (£38)

Better than a statue – how about a useful pot with your face on instead? Rather than just standing in a square, you will be able to hold pens, jewellery or dried flowers inside your head. Whether a complete newbie or a beginner with some experience, this workshop will take you through the basic hand building techniques before incorporating your facial features onto your pot.

Tutor: Catherine Walker

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Watercolour Sophie Knight

Beginning With Watercolour: A Masterclass (18+)

Wednesday 31st July, 18.00 - 21.00 (£51)

Get started with watercolour! Starting a fresh blank piece of paper can be daunting, but in this masterclass your expert tutor Sophie Knight will show you some of her own methods which will help you to really have fun with the medium, and work more impulsively. Taking inspiration from photos of landscapes and seascapes, Sophie will guide you with some ways to apply the paint quickly and to be bold in your approach. This short course will suit both beginners, and people with a small amount of experience in watercolour, who would like to experiment and develop a sense of freedom with the medium. Sophie Knight is an associate member of The Royal Watercolour Society and her work is in the British Museum, the House of Lords, and several high-profile collections.

Tutor: Sophie Knight

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Drawing Flowers Colour Memory

Drawing Flowers: Colour & Memory (18+)

Thursday 1st August, 18.00 - 21.00 (£38)

Looking at the colourful depictions of still life paintings, interiors, and gardens, we look to the domestic world of the artist and the vivid colour that resonates within. Using flowers as our subject, how can close inspection of their weaving stems, flower heads and falling petals create a harmony that in turn reflect the emotions and feeling of the artist who looks? We will draw from examples of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Bonnard and make something that reflects the colours of summer and its glorious flowers.

Tutor: Fiona Berry

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Drink Draw Series

Drink & Draw Series (18+)

Fridays 2nd / 9th / 16th / 23rd August, 18.00 - 21.00 (£25 per class)

Come along to the Conservatoire Drink & Draw workshop series to let your hair down, learn some new skills, and make friends. Led by two of our expert art tutors, you’ll spend a fun Friday evening mixing prosecco with paint as you tackle your very own A3 canvas! You’ll come away with a wonderful piece of painted work each week, no matter your prior experience – beginners are welcome. Each session will take inspiration from a different artist and you will explore different mediums during each workshop. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided, if you have any allergies please share them with us at the point of booking, thank you. Sign up to as many sessions as you like! You will receive one beverage as part of your ticket, and our on-site cafe Arts Kitchen has a host of tasty food and drink available if you would like anything more during your evening.

Tutor: Sue Harris & Lilly Walker

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Make Your Own Resin Jewellery

Make Your Own Resin Jewellery (18+)

Tuesday 6th August, 18.00 - 21.00 (£38)

Which summer flowers would you like to preserve forever? Come along to this resin jewellery workshop at the Conservatoire to make beautiful resin pieces to wear into the autumn months, to keep summer with you! Using Eco resin and dried f lowers, we will create pieces of jewellery perfect to wear in all seasons. Perfect for a summer souvenir or a present for someone you love!

Tutor: Clare Kendall

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Make A Photo Album: Bookbinding

Make A Photo Album: Bookbinding (18+)

Wednesday 7th August, 18.00 - 21.00 (£38)

Join us for a hands-on workshop where you'll learn how to create your own unique holiday photo album using recycled materials and the "exposed spine" binding technique. In this workshop, your expert tutor Maria will guide you through the process of repurposing materials such as cardboard, paper scraps, and fabric to craft a one-of-a-kind journal. You'll discover the art of exposed spine binding, a stylish and functional method that showcases the beauty of your album’s construction. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or new to bookbinding, this workshop offers a creative opportunity to learn sustainable techniques while making something beautiful and practical. Bring your imagination and enthusiasm, and leave with a personalised album for your 2024 holiday snaps!

Tutor: Maria Zvaric

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Botanical Sculpture Masterclass

Botanical Sculpture Masterclass (18+)

Saturday 10th August, 10.00 - 16.00 (£75)

The botanical bas relief art class is a hands-on workshop where you will be creating unique, individual relief artworks celebrating nature for your home environment or as a personalised gift! We will be looking at composition, botanical and seed press castings and finishing effects. Drawing on inspiration from nature the course will encourage an understanding of basic sculptural practices, experimentation and will also consider the environmental implications of creative practices and when and where sustainability can be built in. Beginners are welcome as well as more established practitioners. All materials are provided, but an apron is advisable.

Tutor: Dot Young

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Being Bolder in Watercolour

Being Bolder in Watercolour (18+)

Sunday 11th August, 10.00 - 16.00 (£64)

Watercolour is sometimes an unpredictable medium, but it doesn’t have to be scary! Following on from her beginners masterclass on the 31st July (see page 23), Sophie Knight is back at the Conservatoire for this all-day workshop for those looking to get to the next level working with watercolour. Sophie will demonstrate her own painting techniques such as using large blocks of colour washes to get the painting on the move quickly and create depth. During the day you will experiment with working ‘wet on wet ‘ techniques, by keeping your paper damp; spraying the paper with a fine mist of water, and even squeezing paint directly onto the paper! You will be working from selection of print of landscape photos, developing your paintings using these as a starting point. This course would suit people with a little bit of experience in watercolour work, but who would like to work in a freer manner. Sophie will help to develop your confidence and sense of freedom in the medium. Please bring along your own brushes if you have them.

Tutor: Sophie Knight

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The Big Piano Workshop

The Big Piano Workshop (Grades 3+, 18+)

Wednesday 14th August, 18.00 - 20.30 (£24)

Do you love to play the piano? Then this course might be perfect for you! This 2.5 hour long workshop is a great opportunity for students to play in an informal setting and receive some feedback from our expert tutor. Perhaps you are preparing for an exam or a competition, or part of our regular Music Club? Come along to try out your pieces on others! This course is designed for those at grade 3 standard or above on the piano. Gather some feedback and increase your confidence! Participants should bring a maximum of two pieces per student. Please feel free to bring pieces that aren’t necessarily fully learnt e.g. one or two pages.

Tutor: Phillip Leslie

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Portrait Sculpture Masterclass

Portrait Sculpture Masterclass (18+)

Saturday 17th August, 10.00 - 16.00 (£75)

Come along to the Conservatoire for a masterclass day of sculpture... all levels welcome! Working from given reference images, on an armature and in clay, this portrait sculpture masterclass will offer an introduction to various techniques and interpretation skills. We will look at the structure and anatomy of the head, basic blocking out and then explore key elements of portrait sculpture skills. This is a perfect taster session if you are interested in booking into a term-time course with our expert tutor, Dot Young.

Tutor: Dot Young

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Songwriting for Piano & SinginG

Songwriting for Piano & Singing (18+)

Sunday 18th August, 12.30 - 15.30 (£38)

Singer songwriter Michaela Betts leads you through a personal exploration of the craft of songwriting and how the seeds of ideas are born and nurtured. Learn how to actively listen to your inner self and pay more attention to the world around you. Creativity is all around and even though you might not think of yourself as creative, there are practices that will help you! Basic piano skills are useful for this workshop and a desire to sing and express yourself. Michaela Betts is a singer, songwriter and theatre maker writing in an ethereal dark-folk style. She self-releases music on her label No Peroxide and is an established session singer and West End singing teacher. Socials: @mikbetts

Tutor: Michaela Betts

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Sun Printing

Sun Printing (18+)

Saturday 24th August, 12.30 - 15.30 (£38)

Harness the power of nature and the sun to make your art! Sun Printing, also known as cyanotype printing, uses special, light sensitive materials to create beautiful blue and white prints. You will learn how to create your own cyanotype paper, make stencils, and explore adding different colours to make unique pieces of art. Throughout the day, you will get the chance to experiment with other art techniques that use light, ending the day with an exciting range of magical, natural artworks to take home. And if we get a particularly British summer and the sun doesn't shine... don't worry, there are other magical ways to make your nature print come to life!

Tutor: Ellie Wright

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Discovering Opera (Taster Session)

Discovering Opera (Taster Session, 18+)

Wednesday 21st August. 13.45 - 15.45 (£24)

Join Dr Bruno Bower for an afternoon at the opera! This class offers whistle-stop tour through the history of form and its major features and concerns as a taster session for the full Discovering Opera course in the Autumn. We will see how it adapted to different times, places and audiences, and kept pace with the latest developments in technology. The aim is to give you new ways of listening to opera, whether you are getting to know the form for the first time or you already familiar with it and are looking for something unusual. No prior knowledge is required.

Tutor: Bruno Bower

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Podcasting Masterclass

Podcasting Masterclass (18+)

Thursday 22nd August, 18.00 - 21.00 (£51)

Find out about what goes into creating a successful podcast. Learn about simple audio & video recording softwares & editing, social media & scripting. Create an understanding of your niche audience and how to market your podcast and take the first steps in beginning your own future project! Everyone welcome – bring your phone (and charger)!

Tutor: Annalise Morley

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Acting Through Song

Acting Through Song (18+)

Sunday 25th August, 12.30 - 15.30 (£38)

Learn how to fully extract every nuance and detail from different styles of musical theatre writing, and how understanding character, context and intention are crucial for bringing lyrics to life. Gain greater self-knowledge of your voice, yourself, your strengths and weaknesses as a singer, actor and performer. Michaela Betts is a singer, songwriter and theatre maker writing in an ethereal dark-folk style. She self-releases music on her label No Peroxide and is an established session singer and West End singing teacher. Socials: @mikbetts

Tutor: Michaela Betts

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