It’s not just the children missing term-time courses. Adults can continue to be creative and take the chance to try some exciting new options not usually in the programme.

Discovering Classical Music

Discovering Classical Music (Taster Session) (18+)

Wednesday 16th August, 13.45 - 15.45 (£22)

Baffled by Brahms? Perplexed by Prokofiev? Stumped by Strauss? Join Bruno Bower for a journey to discover new ways to understand classical music, without any of the obscure jargon. As a taster session for the full Discovering Classical Music course, we'll discuss Holst’s The Planets, easing into thinking about classical music in general. We will introduce some of the topics that the full course will cover, including some listening skills as well as the social and historical context around the piece. Both the taster and the full course (which will run this Autumn) are suitable for people with or without previous knowledge of classical music.

Tutor: Bruno Bower

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Become A Podcaster

Podcasting Masterclass (18+)

Friday 18th August, 09.30 - 15.30 (£58)

Find out about what goes into creating a successful podcast. Learn about simple audio & video recording softwares & editing, social media & scripting. Create an understanding of your niche audience and how to market your podcast and take the first steps in beginning your own future project! Everyone welcome - bring your phone (and charger)!

Tutor: Annalise Morley

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