SEN Services

Meeting the needs of all learners

At the Conservatoire, we welcome learners of all ages, abilities and stages of development. We do not differentiate on the basis of prior experience or current circumstances – every learner is entitled to the same outstanding creative opportunities. But we understand that in many cases, vulnerable or marginalised people often have the greatest barriers to unlocking their creative and personal potential.

Our expertise in learning, educational theory, and provision for people with special educational needs, is backed up by support from partners such as Whole Child Therapy, Age Exchange and our specialist Tutors. As a learning organisation, we develop and reflect on our practice to ensure the needs of every learner are met. This can range from delivering projects in residential homes for people living with dementia to providing visual stories to help children with ASD settle into life at the Conservatoire, to working with learners who have health challenges such as Parkinson’s, hearing loss, multi-sensory impairment and complex emotional needs. It has also led to transforming some of our learning spaces to meet the needs of vulnerable learners.

Partnerships with commercial sponsors and successful bids to national funding streams mean that we can work increasingly in school, nursery, residential, therapeutic and other community settings, breaking down barriers and providing life-enhancing creative opportunities. We are constantly looking at ways to develop this aspect of our provision, bringing life-enhancing and life-changing creative learning to those who most need it.