Why Drama is good for you!


Why drama is good for you!

Bring people together

For millennia, theatre has brought people together. It is a natural human urge to watch and tell stories about our lives and the world we live in, to process the feelings we have and to reflect upon the human condition. In an age where we are all glued to screens big and small, it is even more important to look up, be present, and experience the world together - and what better way than through storytelling?

Learn life lessons

When we watch a play, we learn what happens when conflicts don't get resolved, and what happens when they do. We develop our faculty for imagining the outcomes of various choices we might make in our personal lives and our political lives. This can start at a very young age - with cautionary tales like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, or stories of morality like ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, shaping children’s views of the world and each other. To see the world through someone else’s eyes, and wear their shoes for even a short time, can only help us to relate to and understand each other.

Education and literacy

Both the making and attending of theatre contribute to education and literacy. Watching the characters talk back and forth in the theatre is tricky; it requires sharp attention, quick mental shifts, and nimble language skills. It teaches us about human motivation and psychology. In historical plays we get lessons in leadership and government. In contemporary plays, we learn about people and cultures. Studies have shown that students who participate in theatre do better in school. Making plays together also draws kids out of their shells and helps them learn to socialise in a productive and healthy way.

Grow your confidence

One of the amazing benefits of joining a drama class is how it helps your confidence grow. You may start off feeling nervous at the thought of performing in front of the smallest audience, but you'll be surprised at how before long you are up on stage without any nerves. Even performing in front of your fellow class members will soon become a comfortable experience.

Progress your career

Participating in a drama class can even be helpful in your career. For example, many people are intimidated by the thought of giving presentations at work, or get nervous when they have a job interview. This is where drama comes in - you learn techniques that will help you, and get used to appearing in front of an audience.

Make new friends

And maybe you just want to make new friends? Whatever your reason for joining our acting courses, there’s something for everyone at the Conservatoire, from age 0 - 100.

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