The Blackheath Conservatoire Safeguarding Policy


The Blackheath Conservatoire of Music and Arts Limited ("The Conservatoire”), is fully committed to promoting the safety and well-being of all learners. We recognise that we have a particular responsibility in relation to vulnerable learners and the welfare of all vulnerable learners is paramount. All those accessing courses or events at The Conservatoire have the right to be safe from harm and must be able to live free from fear of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Safeguarding is a relatively new term, which is broader than ‘child protection’ as it also includes prevention. In common with all charities, the trustees have a duty of care towardsthose to whom it offers a service and with whom those employed, volunteering at, or contracted by, the Conservatoire might come into contact. An effective safeguarding policy protects the charity (trustees), the learner and all staff, contractors and volunteers working within the organisation.

The policy is applicable within The Conservatoire and all other agencies working either in partnership with or under the auspices of The Conservatoire. It also covers aspects of work and performance which take place outside of The Conservatoire building.

Any allegation or concern about abuse must be responded to. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare and well-being of vulnerable learners is everybody’s business, although individual roles within the process may be different.

To download a PDF copy of this document, click Safeguarding Policy - 2023.