Check out this short film about three of our bursary students, Isaiah, Sarah and Amanda.


Why bursaries are important

The arts are transformational, so bringing opportunities for creative expression and performance to all is central to our mission. All of our fundraising is devoted to providing money for bursaries to support people who would otherwise not have the chance to engage in creative learning.

What we offer

We currently provide bursaries for around 30 children who without this financial support would have no chance of experiencing music, art or drama at the highest level. They range from offering an introduction to the arts at the earliest level for toddlers, to focused tuition for older children and young people.

Who benefits

Many of our current bursary students come from backgrounds where social, personal, health or financial problems provide huge personal challenges. Some have complex home lives or specific emotional needs, others have exceptional talents that would otherwise not be fostered. But every learner, regardless of background, challenge or circumstances, receives the same outstanding learning opportunities, and our expertise in SEN and learner support ensures that each person has a tailored programme that breaks down barriers and builds success.

The Legacy

Our increasing range of commercial and personal sponsors see the amazing work the bursary programme is doing, and our aim is to ensure that this aspect of our work expands over the next five years. As schools become increasingly focused on core subjects, the arts are being squeezed, yet research from the Cultural Learning Alliance shows that learners from low-income backgrounds who took part in artistic activities were three times more likely to get a degree. We want to help fill this gap.

As a community organisation, supporting the most vulnerable and marginalised is at the centre of our ethos. Our bursary programme exists to help these learners enrich and transform their lives.

How to apply

Our applications are currently closed, but join our mailing list to be notified when they open again!